Building Your Brand Online

In today’s digital business world, it’s vital for every company and every brand to build a strong online visibility strategy. Whether you are an HVAC contractor or an investment firm on Wall Street, your name needs to be heard and it needs to be seen. Most people use search engine such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing to locate these products and services in their local communities. Businesses who are in the early stages of digital marketing can take a few smart steps to increase their online visibility. Those steps include creating a mobile friendly website, optimizing that website, becoming active on social media, and much more.

Today, most consumers browse the web using a smart, tablet or desktop. That means that it’s more than likely that about half of the people who want to view your product or learn about your service or company are doing so from a mobile device. Whether you are selling directly to a customer or another business, there is no excuse for not having a mobile friendly website—and you won’t find an exception to this rule. The more devices your website can render successfully on, the more people there are that can view your site.

The next step to building your brand online is to submit your business listings or claim your listings on search engines. This way, potential customers will be able to find you in maps directories or on the web when you claim your location and include your full site URL in your maps listing. Having a search engine’s business listing also means lots of other listings elsewhere. This is because smaller directories, such as Yelp and Angie’s List tend to automatically pull their information from the larger search engines. Regardless of how you choose to submit your business listings, just be sure to use the same information every time. This helps to ensure your listings are complete, accurate, and consistent across sites.

Once your have your website and listings in order, next comes social media. Developing your brand online means participating in multiple social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.  Then, you’ll be able to get your connections on social media to interact on your site. Many people actually turn to social media to learn more about companies and read reviews. Not to mention, an active social media presence is a favorable signal that will improve your Google ranking. Keep in mind that in general, Facebook is a must for any business—but for other social networks, you can pick and choose what fits your company best.

Building your brand online key factor in the growth of any business. Making the most of your website, online directories and listings, and social media platforms can increase your online visibility, therefore putting your business not only in front of more people, but in front of more people who are looking for it. While the digital world continues to change each and every day, your business can keep up by following these simple steps.


How to create an ebook

There may be many reasons for your wanting to reach an audience. It may be everything from a conviction that you have something important to say to your identifying that you can earn money from saying it. The universal power of the Internet makes it the obvious place to try to get your message over in an electronic form rather than thinking about traditional print. An electronic book (ebook) is the way to do it but you may not be certain how to proceed. Its distribution is for another day; the first question is how to create it in the first place. You will want to create the best ebook cover you can to grab attention, but let’s dive into the entire process…
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Everything have changed dramatically since the introduction of the Internet. In the early days when e commerce pioneers began to sell online they realized it would take time to persuade the public to shop online rather than through traditional outlets.  Most budgeted for a loss in the early years but they had confidence that they would win the battle and they were right. The interactive properties of the Internet are unique and gradually it has become the dominant force in today’s world. Anyone wanting more information on almost every subject naturally turns to the worldwide web and its search engines. One of my close friends, Shane, runs an agency that focuses on SEO in San Antonio, Revved Business. He has a great blog to check out for more information on online marketing.

It is a natural consequence that every business that wants to expand has to have a visible online presence. They aim to market their goods and services online as a far more effective way to spend their marketing budgets than through the more traditional vehicles of the mass media and print advertising.
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