Best email marketing software

E mail marketing is a critical business activity. The future success of every company depends upon its providing quality goods and services but if it is unable to get its message out to a wide audience then it is facing a challenge, especially if the competition is being very successful in doing that same thing. Even if you have no technical knowledge yourself your business need not suffer because email marketing software can do the job for you. It is just a matter of deciding the best software for your needs.

There are some basic requirements that every software product should be able to fulfill.

  • Your emails have to look professional and that means the software has to take into account that consumers may be looking at them on standard laptops, tablets or smart phones with greatly differing size screens. Increasingly it is the smart phone.
  • It needs to be able to manage your contacts, additions and deletions as they occur.
  • Automatic responses.
  • Emails must be able to bypass spam filters to they reach the intended recipients.

You need to know how many of the emails that you sent were actually opened and ideally your software should also tell you whether they were forwarded or shared on social media which is playing an ever increasing role in email marketing.

There are differing pricing plans depending on your individual needs and it is always worth talking to specialists who can explain the advantages of features that you may not have considered before. If you need help with design there are some who will offer you that including iContact, Constant Contact, AWeber, VerticalResponse, and Mad Mimi.

Costs will vary depending on the volume and if you sign up for a package and exceed your contract limit you will face an additional charge but equally if you are well short of your limits some companies will reduce your monthly charge. The size of your list is another factor in costs and some software companies are actually prepared to agree a ‘’pay as you go’’ contract.

There are some obvious candidates for any short list and you should consider them closely:

  • iContact understands the need that business may have for help with a product and prioritizes tuition as part of the service.
  • Constant Contact
  • MailChimp appears to be a good choice for someone just starting a business or uncertain what it requires.

The important aspects of software that sees them past a quality test have been tested by various independent reviewers that have tested them for:

  • Ease of assembly and importation of lists
  • Creation and distribution of e mails

Simplicity is central to the use of software. Each product needs to pass the test of achieving what a business needs in presenting a message to clients and potential clients whose emails might be any of the popular hosts; yahoo, gmail, outlook etc. Tests reveal whether the message remains in the form that it was sent because any major deviation can affect its consideration by the reader.

It may seem a complex subject for someone completely new to technology. The huge advantages that software provide make it worth learning more or talking to someone who already knows.