Best websites for blogging tips

If professional journalists had been asked years ago whether they would welcome a whole new breed of writer expressing views on all kind of topics with access to the public they would probably have dismissed the idea as not worth considering. The world has changed dramatically of course and there are many blogs today, some political, others promotional, everything you can imagine. The Internet is the vehicle that has made this possible and it seems more than likely that there will be more and more blogs in the years to come.


If you are looking for help in relation to blogging there are some excellent places to go:

  • Medium was originally a platform for stories and essays but it has expanded and offers the chance to log in and simply start writing. You can post your text as a one off or submit it to be published elsewhere. There are many existing ‘’blogs’’ that will accept guest posts. The real strength of Medium is that it has created a community of writers that has resulted in many media companies recognizing that it is a good platform for their own work. It is not so good with visual content unlike
  • Tumblr can be completely visual without any text at all. It is easy to use; you simply click on one of the formatting forms such as photo, audio or video, seven in all. If you click text that blank page will accept text and images. Tumblr tends to be a compilation rather than a debate. As such it has not got the strength of an audience such as Medium has created nor is there any real ways to project your posts from use by others.
  • Facebook actually allows people to blog without actually have a blog or a URL. The ‘Notes’ platform may be limiting but there are few places with more potential readers than
  • Atavist allows you to post individual stories though it costs a monthly fee to have your own domain and logo.
  • Adobe Spark is similar with more emphasis on image than text though there is a charge to get personalization beyond the basic service.
  • WordPress is now a dominant force in building website content. It is easy to use and writers have control over that content.
  • Weebly is also a good means of building content and is easy to use if less sophisticated than
  • Squarespace is an excellent vehicle for creating something that looks good. It is commonly used for e-commerce but that does not preclude its use for blogs of all kinds.

Until you look at each of these more closely you will not know which best suits your needs. Even then you may find that once you are underway you need something different, more suited to how you have developed since launching your blog. It’s just a matter now of saying good luck with your ideas and getting them to an audience. It can be an enriching experience.