How to create an ebook

There may be many reasons for your wanting to reach an audience. It may be everything from a conviction that you have something important to say to your identifying that you can earn money from saying it. The universal power of the Internet makes it the obvious place to try to get your message over in an electronic form rather than thinking about traditional print. An electronic book (ebook) is the way to do it but you may not be certain how to proceed. Its distribution is for another day; the first question is how to create it in the first place. You will want to create the best ebook cover you can to grab attention, but let’s dive into the entire process…

The process begins with an idea which you feel has not been fully covered before. Sit down and just write a single sentence about what it is. Its expansion will follow. The beauty of an ebook apart from the costs, or lack of them, involved is that it does not need to be as large as a traditional publication.

  • Expanding an idea. Your single sentence is a broad aim which should automatically be able to be broken into several aspects; write them down. They will vary depending upon the subject. Something technical varies greatly from the equivalent of a diary of your travels.
  • It is important to organize the various sections into the correct order whether it is chronological or the logical steps in something technical.
  • The writing of the ebook takes time and at this point you should not worry about a title or anything visual. Just get the words down under each section remembering you can always edit and revise later. The writing does not necessarily need to be in the order that the sections will appear in the finished book.
  • When all the sections have been done you have to think about order and revision. You have to create interest so that potential readers will be interested from the start and that interest is sustained.
  • Don’t rush things unnecessarily. It should be more important to get things right rather than to meet a deadline with a sub-standard product.
  • You must be prepared to delete sections and start again where it is obvious that parts of the book are simply not good enough. Sometimes the flow of words can get lost with a detailed explanation of something. Consider whether some details need to be in the text as opposed to being added at the end with a link reference made in the text. Remember also to cite references that you may have used from elsewhere in the bibliography.
  • Once you are happy with what you have written it is time to think of a title. It needs to be fairly simple yet still conveying to potential readers exactly what it is all about.
  • The cover of your ebook needs to be attractive with good use of color and typeface.

Well that is about it for the first stage. It is certainly worth showing it to family and friends or someone you know has knowledge and interest in the subject. Their comments will always be helpful to you because very shortly you will have to begin the process of distribution!