Top internet web hosting companies

The Internet has become the most effective way to market goods and services. A website that is well presented and explains what its owner has to offer consumers is the most powerful tool at the disposal of a business. Creating a website is one thing; that is of no value if no one sees it. Therein is the function of a web hosting company which is the means by which the website is published. The host stores the website files so that when someone enters its URL in the worldwide web that person is linked immediately. The speed of the connection is important and once the website has been accessed all its pages are there to be read.

The URL, or domain name, is the link between the website owners and the visitors that they hope to attract. It is worth spending a little time thinking of a name that is memorable. It is easy to check whether that name is available and then to buy it online.

There are many companies that offer good web hosting services but it is essential to know whether they can deliver on their promises. Here are a few that should be seriously considered by anyone looking to make a real impact on the Internet in order to develop business:

  • eHost offers a free domain name, marketing tools as well as a free email address and then the services that it provides depend upon what a client needs
  • iPage has been providing hosting services since 1998 and in common with many good hosts has regular promotions and special offers.
  • Bluehost is one of the largest hosting providers in today’s market place.
  • HostGator has different plans tailored to suit a client’s needs starting from a single to multiple domains.
  • JustHost can help everyone from the individual to a large business with domain names and all the common services that hosts have as part of their plans.
  • FatCow is a specialist dealing with individuals and small businesses.
  • HostClear is happy to do new start-ups as well as take over existing websites
  • Yahoo is a name that everyone knows whether they are looking for hosting or not.
  • IdealHost is a Cyprus based company but geography is no limiting factor when it comes to the Internet.
  • GoDaddy is a publicly traded company with over 60 million domain names under its control.


Each of the names mentioned above will be able to provide exactly what you need from a web hosting company. There is little to choose between the services that each offer because inevitably they monitor each other’s promotions. It is easy to match special offers that come about from time to time.

Ultimately it is possible to talk to companies without commitment and make a decision based on what you hear and read. It is unlikely that your experience with any of them will not be of the highest quality. If you need help, do some research, take your time deciding then get started.